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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Local Golf Clubs
- Simon (19th Apr 2017  19:39:50)

After a long break from the game I'm thinking of taking up golf again as a hobby.

I had lessons about 10 years ago but would probably need lessons again before being let loose on a course, and I just want to get to a reasonable standard. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of some of the local courses and professionals: Old Thorns, Liphook, BlackNest etc. Any thoughts appreciated.

Re: Local Golf Clubs
- Jenny (19th Apr 2017  23:47:10)

My partner and I play at Liphook which is in the top 70 courses in the UK. They have a scheme whereby those new to the game or returning to it have a series of lessons, have a 'mentor' who takes them under their wing, introducing them to members and playing with them. Various members 're available to mark cards until a handicap is achieved. The membership is very friendly and there are many social events. Just look.them up on the internet - all the information is there.

Re: Local Golf Clubs
- Adam Harnett (21st Apr 2017  10:59:30)

Blacknest Golf Club would be happy to welcome you! I am the Head Professional at Blacknest and offer a range of lesson packages from beginners to elite players.

We are a warm and friendly club who offer all golfers the chance to enjoy the game whether on our academy 9 hole par 3 or full length 18 hole course.

There is no minimum standard requirement at Blacknest as there may be at other local courses.

Pop in and see us and we'll be more than happy to help you.


Re: Local Golf Clubs
- Dotty One (22nd Apr 2017  08:26:00)

Blackmoor is lovely, great course. Steve Clay the Pro there is excellent. There is a really welcoming feel to the club, not at all "stuffy" and the average age of members is a bit younger than some of the other local quality courses.

I don't think old thorns has a members club any more ( I could be wrong ......and I am sure someone will tell me if I am ..... If you are serious about improving your game Old thorns is tricky as they have a lot of corporate and society days which tend to slow play tremendously.

Nice driving range at brows farm in Liss if you want to go and get your swing back prior to playing again.

Finally, southsea has a great one, if you get the ball in the pirates mouth you get a free game!!

Re: Local Golf Clubs
- H (22nd Apr 2017  09:34:48)

In response to Dotty....(no idea where he or she gets their info from)

Old Thorns has a membership and there is competition golf every weekend during the summer and most winter weekends. Peter Alliss is the club president and there are some great events and club benefits throughout the year. The course is particularly difficult though and you'll find the handicaps travel well when you play elsewhere.

It's a very down to earth membership too and there are inter-club competitions you can get involved in if you wish.

Re: Local Golf Clubs
- Ian (22nd Apr 2017  22:09:09)

You are so lucky as you have an abundance of good quality choice in the area, whatever you choose I'll be good

Re: Local Golf Clubs
- Simon (23rd Apr 2017  18:43:43)

Great stuff, thanks everyone. Adam, I'll try and pop into BlackNest over the next few weeks to say hello. Thanks again

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